Sales & Marketing

Grasping the nuances of social media marketing and capitalizing on platforms where your desired audience congregates, while establishing a commanding presence on channels that draw your audience's gaze, is imperative for your hotel's marketing. Moenga Consultants are well-versed in designing comprehensive campaigns, steering your strategic focus, and offering guidance on leveraging organic or paid placements. Learn More.

Moenga's professionals offer guidance to management regarding competitive pricing and strategic positioning, predicting future demand, identifying avenues for new or optimized revenue strategies across the organization, and delivering revenue management training. Our seasoned consultants in hotel pricing and revenue management are accessible to provide interim assistance during periods of management transition. Learn More.

Marketing is a multifaceted field encompassing research, strategic positioning, direct sales, advertising, promotions, public relations, e-commerce, and distribution. Moenga's affiliations with travel industry, meetings, incentives markets, and strategic marketing collaborators provide our clients with access to adept consultants and extensive resources to assist them in effectively navigating every facet of the marketing spectrum. Learn More.