Asset Managment

Hotel Litigation, Risk Management & Insurance Consulting Services

Furthermore, armed with specialized knowledge encompassing diverse aspects of the hospitality industry, our consultants possess the capability to furnish expert witness testimony, deliver binding expert determinations for specific disputes, offer professional mediation and arbitration services, and guide clients through contract negotiations and dispute resolutions.

Assessing risk management within the realm of hotel operations can be a formidable task for many management professionals in the hospitality business. Moenga Hospitality Consultants not only bring practical experience but also the expertise to conduct a comprehensive assessment of areas involving operational and facilities management risks. They proffer preventative solutions and meticulously scrutinize commercial insurance policies and associated costs. Their guidance empowers owners and operators to effectively navigate the complex realm of ensuring comprehensive coverage for their assets, guests, and staff in the event of unforeseen incidents, while ensuring that insurance policies meet the requirements of all stakeholders and are reasonably priced.

Finance & Accounting

 Moenga's consultants scrutinize investment prospects and opportunities, offering invaluable insights to align with the investor's objectives.

We possess expertise in financial analysis of operational aspects, debt/equity considerations, conducting fraud investigations, reviewing internal controls, offering accounting support, executing due diligence, and conducting investment analyses for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other enterprises within the hospitality sector. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience, resources, and strategic insights to deliver tangible benefits to owners and operators.